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Commercial Solar

Free Energy Corporation's commercial solar systems serve commercial/institutional buildings that are connected to utility lines. They represent an investment that adds immediate and long-term value. In fact, many customers have cut their electric bills by 50 percent or more by producing their own electricity – with no noise, no pollution, and no depletion of fossil fuel reserves. Our systems will also help you 'go green', giving your company a good image and add to your marketing and PR tools.
 Commercial solar power systems will allow you to become your own utility company, protecting you from rate increases. You may even produce enough energy to sell back to the utility company to further reduce your energy costs. And, with an eye to the future, research shows that buyers are willing to pay a premium for buildings and homes with solar power systems.
 Solar systems provide numerous energy and environmental benefits. Governments and utilities are now offering incentives encouraging homeowners to adopt this technology. Many states offer rebates and incentives on solar power!, some of which can pay up to half of the cost of a solar power system and making the solar power systems more affordable than ever.
 Free Energy Corporation team members can design, engineer, and integrate a solar power solution sized for your needs.


 Commercial Solar Incentives
 Federal Income Tax Credit:
 * 30% of total system cost. Only commercial solar applications can apply for a 30% cash grant from the US Treasury.

 * Can be combined with geothermal and wind tax credits
 * Can be combined with energy-efficient building deduction
 * Building located in U.S.
 * Installed between 10/3/2009 and 12/31/2016


Getting a Commercial PV System in 3 Easy Steps

At Free Energy Corporation, we believe getting a solar water heating system should be easy. That’s why we’ve developed a simple 3-step process:

 1. Site Evaluation – Our experts will conduct a free, comprehensive site evaluation to help determine if a solar electric system is right for you.
 2. Design and Engineering – Our engineers will custom design the highest quality, most aesthetically pleasing solar electric system possible that meets your budget and electricity production goals.
 3. Installation – Our expert installers and project managers will ensure your installation meets our rigid standards by handling every aspect, including permit documentation and interconnection with your electricity provider.



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