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At Free Energy Corporation we believe strongly in clean, renewable solutions to our world's energy problems.  We utilized the same approach when designing our website. The goal of our website is to educate, inform, and create a community of those who care about the future of our planet (and like saving money).We strongly encourage you to consider joining our Green Hands Community and hope your experience is educational and enjoyable.  We always welcome comments and suggestions.  Thanks!

Who is Free Energy and What do we do?

Free Energy is an Energy Conservation and Management company that offers only sustainable energy solutions for the residential and commercial market. We perform customized analysis of each customers building in the Kansas City, MO and KS area, determining solutions that meet each customers needs. Free Energy Corporation is a subsidiary of Automation Dynamics, LLC.


Our Four Goals of Business

1.      We do what we say we will.

2.      We do it when we say we will

3.      We do it 100%

4.      We do it so that it profits our customer, the company, and the environment.

The Free Energy Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers the experience of Energy Independence. This is done by increasing the efficiency of the current conditions of your home and offering only Alternative Energy Solutions when they are required. By offering independent 3rd party efficiency audits of the home and solutions such as Geothermal heat pumps, Solar, and Wind technologies. The Free Energy Company will conserve homes energy use, save our customer money, and reduce our overall carbon footprint.



Our Primary Management Philosophy

To concentrate on the net results and complete our project on time and in budget, so that our name is recognized as the most quality conscious and dynamic provider in our field.


The Free Energy Vision Statement

If our mission is to provide our customers the experience of Energy Independence. Once we have reached this goal the Free Energy Co vision is to help our customers utilize their newly attained independence and reinvest it into their future. Our company is dedicated to the dream of serving America’s population the knowledge and tools to create a better tomorrow.


The Free Energy Company creates a partnership with each of our customers to conserve

their homes energy use, save them money, and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Thank you for your time and interest in our company!

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